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Tech-Vets Meet Up At CompTIA ChannelCon August 4-6, 2014 – 10. August, 2014

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TV-2014-08-04 #129 – 7. August, 2014

LIVE Meetup from CompTIA ChannelCon 2014

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Fake Tech Support Call – 3. August, 2014

In this exclusive investigative video, I show how foreigners are cold-calling Americans (targeting the elderly in most cases) and convincing them their PCs have a virus. Here’s the scam live and unedited. Watch their techniques. And I recommend all consumers avoid any technician connecting to their computer remotely using LogMeIn software. It seems LogMeIn is the software of choice for every scammer so far. I have several more videos. This is just the first one. See the techniques and distraction and misdirection the caller uses despite the warnings on my screen. I am a professional technician, author, freelance journalist, educator and public speaker.

My YouTube channel currently has over 6.5million views and nearly 100K subscribers. This is a very serious issue. Please share it, copy it, distribute it and show it to everyone you know..

Carey Holzman

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