TV-2018-12-28 #144 – December 28th, 2018

Look back at 2018 and forward to 2019 for our businesses

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  1. Mark Schneider says:

    Glad to see the boys are back. Mike I was wondering if your phone reception wasn’t a ATT issue, my wife is still on ATT, I’m on Verizon, Verizon is so much better. I’ll take Apple quality over Microsoft any day. My 10 year old MB still works great, and I’ve just done in place upgrades since Leopard. Windows has been garbage since they decided to do twice a year updates.
    Carey, I think your issue with your client is a good lesson, clients aren’t your friends, you should never assume they care one lick about you, associate with them only if it’s mutually beneficial, business requires a somewhat reptilian attitude these days (unfortunately). Good luck with Youtube, I’ve been subscribed for a long time. I’ll be looking at back episodes for a nice Micro ATX build soon.
    Mike hope you’re finally recovering from the foot issue.

    Thanks for all your great efforts


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