TV-2018-04-09 #143 – April 9th, 2018

Anti-malware, Customer service, Pause Windows 10 updates, Dealing with takers and bullies

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3 Responses to “TV-2018-04-09 #143”

  1. Barry says:

    You’d think adults would have better things to do than bully on Facebook.

  2. James Mikelis says:

    Just a shout out to Mike and Carey. I really love your show. The two of you together are great and always have an interesting and varied dialog. I love Carey’s take on things and how you bounce off of each other. I agree with his frustrations in dealing with people. I often feel the same way. My wife say’s i complain too much. Go figure. I listen to many tech shows but yours is the best! I am always happy when i see a new TechVets episode in my Podcast app. Thanks and I hope you keep the podcast going for long time 🙂

  3. connie lee says:

    Hi guys, I really enjoy your youtube casts. I appreciate how you do it and explain everything the way you do,. Keep up the good work.

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