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  1. Marty Hastings said on

    I have uninstalled malwarebytes for now and will not install for a while. like to see what the community says . thanks for sharing.

  2. I think you should take legal action on grounds of defamation of character and slander after the fact technically if you’re held responsible for something that was not your responsibility and because they couldn’t get ahold of the original vendor for the software and the company not only lets you take the rap and the potential for you to lose business is their responsibility I would contact a trade attorney deals and stuff like this I really think you have a case they left you holding the bag know when they did something wrong and it could have cost you your livelihood if you didn’t do the right thing like you did so you wouldn’t lose your customers food for thought

  3. Robert mendez said on

    I do not know if you got my Article but if you did you did anyway good luck to you

  4. Hi Guys
    I’m a Tech in UK and I install Malwarebytes on every machine I work on , I too had calls (not retainers ) from previous customers complaining about PC lockups on Saturday/Sunday. As You guys rightly Say alot of man hours trying to goto Houses and calls in order fix the problem’s Malwarebytes caused. The random Token responses from Malwarebytes was not up to scratch considering they caused this issue.
    We as PC techs are always held responsible for Hardware/ Software issues once We have worked on a Customers PC , Whether we worked on a machine 10 minutes ago or 10 Years ago …. Consumers do not realise that We are NOT responsible for Software developers updates whether it be Anti-Virus or Malware solutions or Windows …… So I will now be re-considering my stance on putting additional software solutions for Customers on PC’s they send for repair…
    Good Luck Guys & Keep up the Podcasts/YouTube Vids ….

  5. I will never recommend any malware or anti-virus software again. I will let the client decide and inform them in writing that I am liable for any damages caused by the software.

  6. We have Cox here in the Midwest and we made those changes to their email servers years ago.

  7. Lesson here is to recommend AV software to clients but also to make them aware that due to the nature of the product updating almost daily then things can go wrong……..and especially important to get this message across and agreed upon by the less PC literate clients. Malwarebytes wasn’t the first and won’t be the last. Shame on Malwarebytes for not taking more responsibility, they knew what they were doing by letting the likes of Carey and Mike acting as first responders.

  8. Carey,
    I have a 2 year subscription of Malwarebytes and was NOT impacted as of 2/45/18 @ 9pm EST. I have not uninstalled, but will be sure to make an updated hard external back up soon. Thanks for sharing and for your real and honest helpful service to us all.
    We’ve learned so much from you all, and your active contributions are admirably appreciated.
    C. Pat Lanyon

  9. My experience:
    I bought the lifetime MWBytes Carey recommended back when. It is set to automatically update daily at noon. I had no problems and I was home and online that Saturday.

    I agree wholeheartedly that it’s an inexcusable hot mess from Malwarebytes. FYI, googling “malwarebytes freeze” will show similar freezeups earlier this year and as far back as 2013.
    QUESTION: Do you disable other AV software when running mwbytes?
    (running Windows7 in a C70 army green case built with help from Carey’s wonderful vids)

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