Fake Tech Support Call – August 3rd, 2014

In this exclusive investigative video, I show how foreigners are cold-calling Americans (targeting the elderly in most cases) and convincing them their PCs have a virus. Here’s the scam live and unedited. Watch their techniques. And I recommend all consumers avoid any technician connecting to their computer remotely using LogMeIn software. It seems LogMeIn is the software of choice for every scammer so far. I have several more videos. This is just the first one. See the techniques and distraction and misdirection the caller uses despite the warnings on my screen. I am a professional technician, author, freelance journalist, educator and public speaker.

My YouTube channel currently has over 6.5million views and nearly 100K subscribers. This is a very serious issue. Please share it, copy it, distribute it and show it to everyone you know..

Carey Holzman

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5 Responses to “Fake Tech Support Call”

  1. Arturo Cureno says:

    Great job Carey!! I too received two phone calls in the last six months but didn’t have the equipment to record and post so it’s good that you got this. Respectfully, Arturo

  2. Edward Delgado says:

    Awesome video! My father just received one of these calls over the weekend. I was there when he received it and had a little fun with the guy before cutting him lose. He identified himself as Steve Wilson by the way.


  3. joseph miller says:

    I received a phone call 2 weeks before seeing this video and just hung up. Then I recieved another one last week like august 8 and decided to have fun since my wife was right there. It was the same guy(same voice and mannerisms anyway).He said that I downloaded drivers and software that contained malware and viruses.I said’drivers huh?’. I asked him what version of windows he saw that I had a virus on.He said it didn’t matter,and I said it does since I have 2 pc’s and that if he was able to see that I have a virus, it would also show in the ‘headers’.He said it didn’t matter,all he knows is that I have a virus(s) and that as a microsoft technical partner,he has to remove it. I said “really,because I only run linux computers” and he promptly hung up. My wife just screamed with laughter knowing I was trying to trap this guy. Thank you so much for all you do and have been doing all these years. and I will absolutely share this with all in reach of my internet tentacles.

  4. Mark Simon says:

    Hi Carey
    I watched the whole video and was rolling out of my chair laughing. Talk about a grand slam. I wish you would have had a trace on them to find out exactly where they were at in New-Delhi and then cyber bombed them. I am currently working a degree in security specialist in ethical hacking and get these reports all the time. I too, have never received one of these calls but have many of my customers who have asked me concerning this and what to do. May I use your video to broad cast it on my Facebook so my customers may see it? That way they will know about these putz’s when they call and can’t get a hold of me. I truly appreciate your wit on this video in dumping on them. Thanks for the extreme Cheshire laugh. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Carey

  5. HI says:


    I loved this video!

    keep up the good work!

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