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10 Responses to “TV-2014-06-25 #127”

  1. That became intense. Hope everyone let bygones be bygones.

  2. Wow Mike really is under a lot of pressure. That outburst caught me off-guard. I really hope you do find a healthy way to relieve some stress Mike. Best of wishes man.

  3. Carey is right about music. Very helpful for decompression.

    This was a very good improv type show by the way.

    At the beginning of the podcast Carey mentions how his pet peeve is when people ask how to not fail. I speculate that new people desire 100% success because tech people typically have different social skills than the average person so embarrassment, criticism, confrontation, etc are difficult for them to endure so they want to avoid this in front of new customers.

    Thanks Mike & Carey. Love the show.

  4. I think it was very brave to bare your souls in the way you guys did and then to go ahead and publish the podcast. This honesty is what makes Tech-Vets so compelling and thought-provoking. Stress in the work place is a hugely important topic.

  5. If I recall correctly, it was episode #47 where Carey explained his departure from Computer America. He was very restrained given the circumstances.

    As for this episode, it sounds like Mike has become his job. I’ve no halo above my head in that department. For the good of your health you can’t keep this up, though.

  6. Robert said on

    MIke….I think it is time to off load some of the work on someone else, I know that is difficult but for your sake and the sake of your family, I hope you find a way to relive some of the stress.

  7. Great comments were left before my posted comment. I worry about Carry ‘ retirement money goals. I worry about Mikes physical health.

  8. I swear, through and through, Carey is nothing if not consistent (and sometimes redundant), I hear the same info throughout his videos. That’s a good thing. 🙂

  9. Jonathan said on

    Love it!!! Raw and uncut!!

  10. Just wanna say hi. Listened to the whole thing.

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