TV-2014-04-12 #123 – April 12th, 2014

Windows XP end of life, Heartbleed bug, Removing infections from PC

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3 Responses to “TV-2014-04-12 #123”

  1. Michael says:

    Just something to watch out for…We have noticed that Microsoft has put some scheduled tasks to keep alerting users that their OS is expired. Just incase you have some users that cant upgrade for whatever reason.

  2. Ezra says:

    It is because of the open source natue of the OpenSSL project that the problems can be identified quickly and patched usually within the same day. It may take some time for all the installations of OpenSSL to get patched, but that is up to the system admins working at each installation. If the same bug were burried in a commercial product, the problem may take weeks or months before the vendor even acknowleges the issue and then even longer for the problem to get fixed. The openness of source code is never a cause of problems, just an easier way to manage problems when they happen.

  3. Keven Brochu says:

    I just want to say something about what Carey said at the end, Windows 7 actually works great on a Core 2 Duo and 2GB of RAM, I did the upgrade for a friend last year and it’s not slowing down unless you open a lot of stuff at one. But i purposely installed the 32-bit version as it has lower system requirements, and since the computer used DDR2 RAM, which is almost impossible to find at a reasonable price nowadays, it’s unlikely that he will upgrade to 4GB of RAM or more, making the use of the 64-bit version unnecessary. It’s plenty fast for a general use computer and the installation process went smoothly.

    But I totally understand for any lower specs however, just yesterday a client asked me if I could upgrade their old laptop from 2005, which has a single core CPU and 768MB of RAM… Needless to say, the answer was no, ahah.

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