TV-2014-03-12 #121 – March 12th, 2014

Upcoming meet and greet & your PC cleanup procedures

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Tech-Vets Meetup
March 22, 2014, 11am  – 5pm ET
Holiday Inn – FT Washington, PA

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  1. Rod says:

    Ccleaner did not clean up the Windows installation files on my computer….but PureRa (by did.

  2. Charlie Benjamin says:

    I love watching your youtube videos which have helped me develop my pc building skills. I’m going to qualify as a pc technician this year and set up a company that builds systems and designs pc cases. My question: I have an old Lian Li PC 60 case which I’m using for old components left over from a recent upgrade. The case, however, has a damaged front panel power LED connector. This doesn’t stop the machine from working, but I was wondering how easy it would be to replace front panel connectors? It seems like one of the few ways to actually render a pc case unusable.

  3. PhilNC says:

    Really good discussion this week guys. Mike should consider doing a show around the benefits of running AD. Even for a relatively small site of 20 – 25 users it can make life so much easier for both the users AND the sysadmin/contractor for all the reasons Mike gave. As Mike mentioned AD can be federated with outside services on the cloud, which can dramatically simplify signing into applications as well as allow for greater control of those sign-ins (not to mention auditing). It would be interesting to hear Mike’s take on the cost/benefit balance of implementing AD in a small company. Having sheltered in global enteprises for my entire IT career, I’ve been insultated from the ugly details about real world licensing costs.

  4. Blain says:

    Carey makes a before image and after image of a drive he’s working on.
    He keeps the after image for a few weeks, just in case the customer needs to have the system re-imaged after the service work.
    After a few weeks and no issues reported from the customer, he deletes the image from his external drive.

    1. Is it lawful to retain the customers information after the service work has been done and the PC returned?
    2. Even if the customer is aware of this saved image…
    Is the tech liable should that image contain illegal content?
    Simple “possession” of certain types of content, constitute a crime.
    3. Carey is an upstanding person…
    Should any or all repair techs hold in possession customer data after the job is finished?

    Food for thought

  5. Adeeb says:

    Hi i have firefox v27 and each time i start it it opens a second tab for some silly reson

  6. Vishal Singhal says:

    There is no need to delete files manually.

    Microsoft has silently put a new feature backported from Windows 8 in Windows 7 disk cleanup . Update KB2852386 makes it so that the Disk Cleanup wizard can delete those Windows update files. You won’t be able to uninstall them after deleting those files though.

  7. Charlie Benjamin says:

    Bought new front panel cables and fitted them. I’ve seen lots of pc building videos on youtube, but replacing the front panel connectors has never come up. I thought the discussion about the difference between being a tech and a consultant was really interesting.

  8. Pieter says:

    I am a dutch computer technician
    My procedure for pc cleaning
    – first check hdd with a smart viewer
    – remove temp files with ccleaner
    – run adwcleaner
    – run hitmanpro
    – run malwarebytes thread scan
    – reset internet browsers
    – check msconfig startup programs
    – update java, flash, reader

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