TV-2014-01-14 #118 – January 14th, 2014

Fighting Back With Backups

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  1. Barry says:

    Good show.

    After you have replaced a client’s failed hard drive, how do you dispose of it? Do you take a hammer to it?

  2. Blain says:

    Hard drive failure…
    The older longitudinal recording drives seemed to last much longer than current perpendicular recording drives.
    My hypothesis is that longitudinal recording was more fault tolerant than tighter packed perpendicular recording platters.

    Scott Moulton may know for sure.

  3. carlos says:

    I just wanted to know what were the first few steps you two did to start your own computer repair and upgrading business, I would like to know because I am very interested in computers and would love to do this for a living, but again I’m having trouble starting it off.

  4. tech kid says:

    Hi carlos i say to start out try working at your local computer repair.
    and once you know how to do stuff and see the owners style and try that just work there for a month or so and you might do well,and start by geting a old pc and take a look at only a kid but right now im learning how to build and fix pcs.

  5. tech kid says:

    Hi Carey!
    I was wondering if there if a book that me a kid can learn how to fix and build PC’s and laptops. because I need to start my hobby I love PC’s,
    Gaming PC’s,Laptops,Gaming laptop’s and more im thinking about building my friend a custom Gaming PC’s for youtube since he might need a new one his youtube name is drasafy he only has about 370 subs, so he wants better quality so he gets more subs. so i need help. thanks Carey!

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