TV-2013-10-23 #115 – October 23rd, 2013

Hard Knock U (the school of hard knocks)


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  1. Kevin Paulsson says:

    I just wanted to stop in and say i love the show, also i am in the process of catching up im currently on october of 2012, i found this podcast late. But i am catching up quickly because i listen to 2-3 episodes a day in my work van on my work laptop, which brings the point up of what ever you do dont change the way you have the website. I am only able to listen on my work laptop because i can just click play, if i had to download an app or flash or anything like that i wouldnt be able too, all dl’s with the exception of work related items are prohibited. Also i found this podcasts becaue of Carey’s youtube videos which are the most instructional and step by step videos i have ever seen. keep up the good work guys and dont stop.

    p.s. interesting fact im not even in the tech business and love to listen, all though i do deal with computers and technology everyday, i work for an internet, home phone, and cable service provider and believe it or not this helps me even in that line of work, thanks very much Kevin

  2. John says:

    Great poem and discussion about adversity, great podcast as always guys. You guys are really inspirational and helpful.

    Thanks a ton.

  3. Justin says:

    Do it right, do it light. Do it wrong, do it long.

  4. Great show as always guys! Thank you for sharing that poem Carey. The poem, by Douglas Malloch, is one of my favorites. If anyone wants the full verse, here it is:

    Matt D.

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