TV-2013-10-16 #114 – October 16th, 2013

Nightmare on Tech Street

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  1. armando says:

    hello guys , i have listed to you some episodes and if it easy to you i would like to make a question—at the moment i have a lenovo Z500 model laptop (I core 5 3230m with intel hd 4000 and Nvidia gt635m second gpu , window8,1) . I like to think that i got very basic knowlege about computer teq. So my question is: is it worth to switch my windows 8,1 laptop with making it Ubuntu 10,04 deleting windows ? my need are light gaming( dota 2 wich work on linux ) and some office equivelant free
    programs .
    ps: sorry English is my 4th language 🙂 and that Cosmos 2 build was a beast of nature

  2. michael says:

    asus and asrock boards ? are old school………
    both crap and their laptop/tablets dog poo
    compared to the (new) desktop board
    now coming on board ?
    scott Mueller goes on about ,gigabyte/msi
    gigabyte has good bios ( overclocking ) ect
    msi have history old builders,
    the north and southbrige chips
    are now history
    intel and amd are dead in the water
    nice show ” get some guests ”
    the ( cpu ) now does everything !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nick says:

    Hi Armando,

    Looks like your laptop came with windows 8. If you don’t like windows, and want to replace it with Ubuntu that’s definatley fine, but I would caution you. Since, you may run into problems such as sertain hardware and software requires windows or ios to run, and will not run in linux. For example logitech “unifiying receivers” for wireless keyboards and mouse can only be paired using software running under windows or ios , and once receiver is paired with device you can use that device with linux. As far as ubuntu 10.04 your laptop can handle much better, I would go with atleast Ubuntu 12.04 or above. And my recomendation is to dual boot…that is keep the windows 8, and install ubuntu by its side. During installation you can allocate as much hard drive space as you wish to windows and linux. For example if don’t plan to use windows that much leave it about 50-100gb and give the rest to ubuntu.

    -Cheers mate!

  4. Taylor says:

    Not sure if you will find this funny, but if you put the HP logo upside down it says ‘DY’ (DIE)

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