TV-2013-09-04 #111 – September 4th, 2013

Work Smarter, Not Harder

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2 Responses to “TV-2013-09-04 #111”

  1. Wil says:

    Carey and Mike;
    Thanks for the ultimate links to “tune up” utils. I think episode 110 was one of the best ever. Thanks for the continuing PC tech anecdotes and advice. I’d like a link posted on the old episode about the IT maintenance customer who tried to “run you out of business” when you asked for a higher retainer rate increase. What a hoot!

    4-5 years ago I used an early version of Glary with bad results. I still shudder at the agony of frustration experienced when a supposed “helpful” utility causes insoluble problems. I haven’t touched Glary since. I’m not sure if it was a registry cleaner or temp file cleaner, but it destroyed my Firefox bookmarks, and for some reason I couldn’t recover a recent backup, so I had to manually rebuild about a year’s worth of links at a time when I was finding a lot of new research and news sites and on-line retail sources. Since then I’ve slowed down quite a bit on adding new bookmark links, but I keep two backups on every PC as well as on each of several USB backup drives with data and encrypted password files, critical contact lists etc. I also found the Firefox bookmarks “backup” to be corrupted and useless, which aggravated the problem. I keep a HTML copies of bookmarks, never the so-called “backup” version. No I don’t use Sync or any other NSA inspected cloud services. Ha Ha.

    Win7 – XP End Of Life
    Can you do an entire radio show, or a segment, or produce a video on how last minute WinXP “die hards” can expedite the dreadful forced “upgrade” to win7? How much does it cost, who are the legitimate OEM retailers (how to avoid “too-good-to-be-true” pirate scalawags), what are the minimum sys req, do we need XP mode, etc. Is it a good time to start stock piling and reselling OEM brown box Win7 DVDs? When are they going to kill new Win7 licenses?

    Win7 OEM and MoBo Bundles
    Or better still, for your video students, and radio listeners, either make up a prepaid subscription mail order kit (we send the money, you buy and pkg the MoBo bundles), or join up with your favorite on-line OEM retailer to recommend a full size tower box motherboard/CPU “bundle” for mini and micro ATX cases. I just bought a fourth full sized ATX case w/ intel core2duo for $5, now cleaned disassembled and ready to rebuild. You are one of the few people I would trust to recommend a compatible Win7 system bundle ready for prime time. Maybe its time to stock up on OEM boxed DVDs of Win7 Pro for the “gold rush” in 2014?

    O$ Inflation
    Up to now all my old XT/AT DOS and Win3.1 and post ATX Win98SE/XP Pro/Home home builts have been more-or-less ad hoc gambles that have worked out OK. Nary a seious problem. I paid $20-$30 dollars for legal copies of MS DOS v2x and DR DOS 5/6 (double that in today’s inflated currency), and never more than about $50-$60 for any version of 98/XP and shudder to think of the outrageous prices for Win7.

    Sandbox IE
    I rarely hear techs mention SandboxIE as a nearly (98%?) malware proof methodology for browsing and research as well as an absolutely perfect (100%) way to confound Internet use tracking by simply periodically cleaning out the sandbox and regenerating a pristine “protected” browser. Also NoScript AdBlock, Ghostery, Better Privacy etc. It’s been many years since I’ve had even so much as a false positive, not to mention a real malware hit. I have probably lost the current knowledge reflexive “trick bag” on how to clean PCs.

    The Kleen PC
    I would attribute some of this malware prevention to the fact that my front room Television-PC on which I compose E-mail, scan, search and watch news site videos, Youtube, etc is an Ubuntu box. Installing Linux Ubu or Mint on an obsolescent ATX box is easy and requires almost zero tweaking and customizing for basic use. Another factor in safer side-channel Internet use is substituting a firmware rig like a a Roku for almost all other streaming, Pandora, casual entertainment. I do not subscribe to cable excepting the free major networks that are so idiotic as to be almost unwatchable, barely useful for local news and weather, and are a general insult and a deterrent to throwing good money after bad. Cable subscribers are injecting idiocy and filthy sludge into their households and wrecking the peace and tranquility of the home – for what exactly? My only compelling Windoze use is now remains as audio AM radio capture which still requires specialized URL capture and codec conversion software written for Win OS. It baffles me how people can still manage to get so-called “virus” or malware infections when so easily avoided.

  2. Carl Ouimet says:

    Good evening. I congratulate you for your video and podcast. The only problem with that, you seem to claim to be better than everyone. I have 20 years experience in IT and I’ve seen videos on how to building a custom computer with M.Holzman. These are interesting and others make me laugh. Why denigrate some manufacturers such as MSI and Gigabyte rather advise? This disappoints me a lot and makes me think that you are sponsored. In any case, this decrease your credibility. Like a person who says that Intel is better than AMD processor. Let me tell you that AMD is better at multitasking for having experienced it myself. We must make people understand the products as they are and especially to understand under what circumstances that have to make a choice rather than another. Not to favor one product over another because of our preferences and beliefs. In any case, you are a true champion.

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