TV-2013-07-02 #106 – July 2nd, 2013

Self-employed for love or money?

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  1. When we ship systems we use a liquid foam that sprays into plastic bags and expands out to fit the inside of the case. We then pop the side panel back on before it hardens. This makes it impossible for the video card to move.

  2. Ricardo says:

    Carey, I think you’re right..
    Your client is being a little disrespectful.

    Keep up the show!

    P.S. – Mike, good luck with your shipping 😉


  3. Robert says:

    I have a question, Carey said that people should not buy AMD Processors anymore in one of his videos. Intel is the way to go, I have used AMD processors for many years and have not had any issues, I currently have an AMD FX 4100 and it works great, I also have in Intel I Core 3 the older 1156 socket and had not had any issues with either one. I built a gaming computer with an Intel I-core 7 for a customer a few months back with the 1155 socket, I don’t like the socket design, I don’t like the fact that the pins are inside the socket seems to me if you are not careful the pins could be bent pretty easily. And the zif socket lever to me puts too much tension on the socket itself. And I don’t like the way the cpu fan mounts, I used a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO for this build. I understand for gaming that an Intel is better than an AMD, but what other advantages are there for using Intel over AMD for a budget build.

  4. Rob says:

    I had to part company with a person who I had done business with for a couple of years. They did not like the fact that I was going to charge them $100.00 labor to build a new system. I am just getting started so I cannot buy the stuff then have the customer pay for it when I am done I have the customer give the money up front for what they want then I have them pay me for the labor when I am done. She bought a motherboard three months prior and was waiting for her income tax refund. She told me how much she could spend and I started looking on Newegg for the parts. She then came back with a song and dance that her father was going to buy her a new dell on his dell account, so I gave her the motherboard because she said she was going to sell it. I later found out that instead she found someone else to build her system for free, she basically lied to me. So I have decided that when she call me for a computer repair again. I am going to tell her to find someone else.

  5. fred ford says:

    Carey: I worry about you against your arrogant selfish client. Being a CPA for 40+ yrs and our firm carries malpractice insurance. Our carrier says one of the high rates of malpractice claims is when the previous accountant(tech) gets replaced. When the client “deck of cards” falls down on the new tech – you will be blamed! You will be the tech who “recommended” this “non best practice method” of the “House of Cards”. Without much trouble the new tech and the selfish arrogant client lawyer can build a jury winning case against you.

    You might ask how much damages? A claim against my firm was the new accountant(tech) typed up an invoice to the arrogant client for bloated number of hours and bloated hourly rates. Our carrier “settle” out of court for half. Such bull shi…

    Its very very hard to fire a strong willed arrogant client.

    Good luck and great shows – I feel your pain. In America its can be costly to do the “right thing”.

  6. Brian says:

    I think Cary is being too defensive here. We absolutely need to fire disrespectful clients, but I think this should only be a viable option after we educate them and they continue to remain ignorant by choice or temperament. Clients are fairly ignorant of almost everything we do.

    It is in fact a part of our required skill set to be able to articulate mutual expectations to our clients, and when we perceive a disparity, the onus is on us to clear the air.

    My standard method is to clearly articulate these issues, keep it up until I’m certain they understand, and most of the time this “training” smooths things over. On the rare occasion when the client responds badly or arrogantly, I will fire them and never look back.

    Most of the time this issue is a matter of perception from two vastly different perspectives. Like it or not, we are 75 psychologists, and 25 technician. But that ratio is true of many businesses.

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