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  1. For those looking for the LONG version – here are the shownotes I sent to Mike in there entirety:


    Long email – Listerner* rants because misery loves compay.
    Episode 7 of tech-vets

    Getting customers (even family) to pay you for your tech help.

    Email from Barry: A business owner perspective on hiring tech.
    Mike offers perspective.
    Carey discusses his approach.

    Email from John about TrueCrypt for Windows 8?
    Does it work? Let Mike or Carey know!

    Article from Maximum PC Article

    Email* with more info on cleaning the FBI Warning malware covering standard user vs admin account.

    CR2032 – This is the BIOS battey on your motherboard.

    Email* thanking Mike And Carey for advice used! Fan Mail!
    Thank you for the $50 donation from John!
    Please see our donate buttons!

    *Include name of the sender?

  2. Any way you could post that e-mail? I’d like to share it with my team…perfect.

  3. Thanks CitizenX ! Awesome job!

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