TV-2012-12-11 #093 – December 11th, 2012

Tales from the trenches, No Google Apps for you, Microsoft Security Essentials

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  1. Seth says:

    I agree with your method, Carey, on how you handled the situation with the client who had unjustified wrath against you. It was wrath, not anger that he had against you and his new system. His language toward you was not justified. The way you handled was justified.

    The rest of the show was great. I agree with you both on antivirus, MSE’s test results, and malwarebytes pro. I want to adopt yours and Mike’s malware protection strategy, but where I work we still have 295 days on our Kaspersky account so it will be a while before we adopt the strategy. At work I have OpenDNS for our DNS servers (no trouble from that – 3 years running) and web filtering, then Kaspersky as our malware/virus protection. In 3 years we haven’t had any malware issues on our machines.

  2. glow says:

    After listening to Carey expatiate on deloying the ‘Law of Nature’, hope he switches hobbies from firearms to stamp collecting….

  3. Nasty comments are just unnecessary.

  4. glow says:

    Both Google & Amazon are ‘public’ companies in the sense anyone can buy their stock.

    Before their IPOs, only insiders could do this.

    As public companies, their only obligation involves obeying various levels of governmental security laws and SEC filing regulations.

    There is zero connection between ownership status and marketing strategy.

    Should you be curious about the latter plans, a fruitful place to look would be their recent 10K, 8K, & 10Q SEC filings available on Edgar, since these public records must be truthful by law.

  5. Yosif says:

    I liked this podcast particularly, its a very good show and good tips that you both talked about. One thing that irritates me every time when I’m using Google is their layouts changes, they make it to something that is “stupid” and unnesserly. Why would you change things that worked well and make it complicated and not userfriendly. Maybe is that their new strategy but its useless from my point of view to Google.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  6. Anthony says:

    Hey guys I’m from the UK, I have only just recently found careys’ videos on youtube which actually helped me with my most recent build, thanks for that! although I have built around 4 machines in total now, it’s nice to see a pro do it and take notes for self-confidence.

    Fantastic videos on youtube carey, I can’t wait for more! Would like to see the next parts of the DAW-build you are currently doing and also you have an amazing setup in your lounge with all that sound equipment you have hooked up, real nice, that sort of visual aspect provides me with motivation to succeed further!

    Hey Mike, I’ve only come across you on your podcasts but you also provide great information and fantastic views of modern day tech and software tips, appreciate that also, keep it up!

    Now, for my input in regards to google, I work within the SEO industry and all I see after google updates, is that google seems to only favour the major branded stores and couldn’t care less about small businesess, they smash small business websites down to the ground in terms of rankings in most updates! Could this be a ploy to force smaller business owners into using adwords instead spending much lesser amounts on SEO? who knows but I personally think so.

    You touched on DuckDuckGO, and I had a little play with it, it’s actually quite a good search engine, the results are accurate, moreso than Bing, I must admit and it looks slick.

    Anyway, keep up the great work and publishing content, you guys are onto a winner!

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