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3 Responses to “TV-2012-07-18 #082”

  1. I really like your show I learn new things about computers, actually I’m 13 and when i have nothing to do i just go and listen your podcasts, I think they are interesting and i learn english (I’m Dutch) Keep it up:-D

    (BTW i do have two computers with Win Vista and 7 and i did managed to improve the preformens of both of computers so they can’t annoy me anymore 🙂

  2. alan barton said on

    Hello Mr Holzman I am 58 years old i was a constuction worker until my illness and someone put me onto computers so its all new to me i like your video`s very much. take no notice of people complaining they are only nit picking I think you are spot on. you have the right attitude you explain things in detail like showing people what comes in the box`s i have things delivered in box`s and theres always nuts or screws left over you think were do they go. one small critisism please stop flicking the knife it do`s me head in. Thanks so much Alan/ nottingham uk

  3. Carey:

    I am slowly catching up on your Podcasts and am so sorry to hear about Jake. I know you miss him greatly even two years after the fact.

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