TV-2012-04-10 #075 – April 10th, 2012

USB drive encryption, OS for Dell systems, Safemode problem, PS2 and USB keyboards, Public WiFi security tips, OpenDNS, GnuCash

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  1. Randomizer says:

    Another trick I’ve found that frequently works for getting the BIOS to recognize a USB keyboard on an older motherboard with the PS/2 slots is to use a USB to PS/2 adapter on pretty much any USB mouse or keyboard. I use a wireless USB keyboard, and plugging the USB wireless receiver into a PS/2 adapter always seems to work to force the BIOS to recognize it. I will say I keep a PS/2 keyboard and mouse as well just to be safe, but I haven’t had to use them in quite a while.

  2. don s says:

    Just downloaded your’s and Mike Smith
    s podcast.Just wondering,what happened to the computer america gig you had? Anyway,keep up the informative shows!

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