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  • High Speed PC Top Deck Tech Station Give-Away

    Published on February 28, 2012 · Filed under: Podcast;

13 Responses to “High Speed PC Top Deck Tech Station Give-Away”

  1. Joe Messman said on

    Great job of demonstrating that Top Deck . What I really like is the how easy it is to swap components in and out.

  2. Nice demonstration Carey. The fan on the Top Deck Tech Station would also come in handy while soldering and it could double as a beverage cooler!

  3. This is so much better than using cardboard boxes.

  4. Great job Carey! I hope you make more videos and share with us your talent.

  5. kromseesall said on

    Nice job Carey. I second Arturo’s comment, much better than a cardboard box.

  6. William Davidson said on

    Awesome demo! This belongs on every tech’s bench.

  7. i like being able to get at everything

  8. I looked at these a while back and really wanted one. There perfect for pre-install setups, just like you demonstrated. Great show!

  9. fred ford said on

    Great idea product . I wish I had this several years ago when I built PC’s for fun.

    Thank you for the time for this video.

  10. Paula Atkins said on

    You always provide us with great information on How to’s and products Carey. It is very much appreciated.

  11. Greg Lawter said on

    very nice product would make thing easy Great video
    Thank you for helping others

  12. i have been listening to your podcast for a long time, funny i use an old dell for this purpose i hang on my wall (no case) i love your work and will be asking you tons of questions soon enough, still learning and your shows help alot keep up the great work

  13. bootlegjack said on

    I love this !
    keep up the good work !
    I like you on podcast better then radio !
    great info !

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