TV-2012-01-25 #068 – January 25th, 2012

When will Carey migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7?

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  1. Wizeone says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Carey Holzman drops windows xp for Linux!! more at 11….

  2. SubgeniusD says:

    As if randomly spot-checking google for error/issue solutions is in any way comparable to a deep, working familiarity with a new OS. It can take hours to locate the precise fix for a backup error code or networking failure. Like that’s any way to do business.

    Remaining ignorant of the latest Windows OS with illogical justifications is really bad advice. If you aren’t on a tech podcast to give advice then you should start a different podcast called “Musings with Carey” or some such.

  3. smorris93 says:

    I don’t believe he said that, he said he would only check google if he had a specific error that he did not already know how to fix.

    Not everyone can learn everything there is to know about an OS as thoroughly as you.

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