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One Response to “TV-2011-11-09 #064”

  1. I just listened to this program and I have to disagree. I’ve been rolling out AVG Business Edition antivirus at programs that have approximately 15 – 30 PC’s per program. Due to budget constraints and a proprietary software program, the PC’s are all XP with between 512-2GB of RAM so they’re really short on computing resources.

    I can get 15 licenses of AVG business antivirus for about $250.00. It comes with a centralized management server and if you tweak the install (no link scanner, toolbars or other bloat) it is a good, solid antivirus software.

    In reference to Microsoft Security Essentials, it may be a good solution but I would pose this question:

    Should I trust the company that designed the operating system, and its inherent security flaws, to provide software that’s supposed to protect me?

    Seems counterintuitive.

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