TV-2011-06-01 #048 – June 1st, 2011

Tales from the trenches, 802.11ac, Spyware fighting, How to get a human online for support.

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  1. Mark3251 says:

    How I run sandboxie. I don’t run sandboxie from the system start-up menu. I have two Icon’s for my web apps (browser) one start-up sanboxie then the web app. one just starts the normal web app.

    ChromiumPortable sandboxie shortcut example:

    shortcut lnk Target: C:\Sandboxie\Start.exe “C:\Apps\Chromium\ChromiumPortable.exe”

    shortcut lnk Start In: C:\Sandboxie

  2. karl_007 says:

    absolutely superb techvets show wish i could download and listen in the car however,when i click on download windows media player opens,
    how do i save to hard drive….thanks

  3. karl_007 says:

    whoops sorry..! just worked it out right click on the actual word download and then ” choose location ” thanks karl……..

  4. PatrickB says:

    SandboxIE prompts you to keep the changes or not when you reboot as an Admin. It is not difficult to install a program with SandboxIE installed.

    Also, Web of Trust is outstanding! It will block you from going to a website that many people have marked as bad. However, the block shows a link to go on to the page anyway if you wish. I have rarely seen it be wrong and encourage all of my clients to use it. WOT will also show a red, yellow, or green icon next to every search result and even next to any old link in GMail.

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