TV-2011-05-23 #047 – May 23rd, 2011

Tech-Vets is back with an all new episode.   Carey discusses his recent departure from the Computer America show. We also discuss other tech topics.

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  1. u-al says:

    Welcome back gentlemen,

    I think it was good that you explained Carey’s departure from C.A. right away rather than let people wonder and speculate.

    I really enjoy the live shows too.

    I found this free music and thought the beginning would be a good opening theme for a podcast. The artist is Cotton Club and the track is Technicolor Dream.

    Thanks, Al In Pittsburgh

  2. Ed says:

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast and the reason for Careys departure from the Computer America show but I just want to say, Carey was the reason I listened to Computer America. I wish him all the best and hope Computer Americas loss is Tech-Vets or some other radio/podcasting networks gain.

  3. mark says:

    Good luck Carey, frankly you’ve been carrying CA for a while now, Craig IMHO seems disinterested.
    I’ve just unsubscribed to the podcast and news letter, there’s no reason to listen.
    Like to see you interview guys like Scott Mueller in the future those were the substance I enjoyed as well as Mike Smith (of course)

  4. Gene in NJ says:

    Despite Carey’s impression that his arrangement with Craig was like a partnership, it always came across to this listener like Craig thought of Carey as more of a sidekick than an equal, despite the co-host title. That’s a shame, since I think Carey brought a lot more to the table than Craig did whenever I listened.

    Since Carey discussed laziness in show prep, I always thought reading Craig’s newspaper column verbatim was a lame way to fill a regular segment of the show.

  5. Michael says:

    I was excited when I saw a new tech-vets on my ipod, but disappointed to hear how terribly the universe has treated both of you. It is a terrible crime that seemingly everyone who enters your lives are out to screw you over. Your chronicles of your misfortunes are neither entertaining or (as you would lead us to believe) professional. If I want to hear woes all I have to do is ask the first person I meet – “How are you?” This is not what makes a podcast interesting and certainly not entertaining. I am sorry I am sooo negative and PLEASE!!! remove this posting from your blog…………………………………… as it does not contribute to your sorrows………………………………. which are amazing! Yes I have deleted you from my feed and I don’t care what your justification is, thank you and good night.

  6. Welcome back!!! I listened to this podcast and I am so happy that I will be able to listen to both of you together again! Sure, I could listen to you in CA but honestly I never liked Craig anyway and the few times that I listened it was you running the show so I am eager to listen again this great tech-vet-cast and Mike thanks for hanging in there waiting for Carey to come back, I do listen to your show in a regular basis as well. Thanks again and let’s get busy once again…..AC

  7. Richardo says:

    I think its great Carey is on the loose. I ended up going to the show notes on Computer America to find his days before I downloaded the show. There are really very little in the way of real tech shows. Most have turned into gadget shows.

  8. procedar says:

    Welcome back!!! I really did miss teck vets, it will be great to have both of you back again. I’ve just unsubscribed to the podcast and news letter, there’s no reason to listen to C A anymore. Carey you carried the show most nights you are provocative and hold guests feet to the fire and get answers, I think you could do more investigative tech journalism.

    Barry Postle

  9. kip says:

    Welcome back guys. A happy day indeed!

  10. Eddie says:

    Welcome back to Tech Vets Carey! Looking forward to hearing more from you. Bye bye CA!!!!!!

  11. Alan says:

    Sorry Craig treated you so poorly, Carey. You definitely deserved a lot better! I agree, you added great value to the show, and Craig will regret how he treated you eventually. The way he handled himself really was unprofessional, immature, and like you said, fairly hostile the way he just erased your presence from all areas of the site almost immediately.

    In the long run, you’ll be better off, since Craig definitely didn’t seem to value you nearly as much as he should have. Like I said, I’m sure he’ll regret how he treated you, if he doesn’t already.

    I bet some of his regular guests won’t agree to come on his show anymore after they find out what happened.

    I also agree with other callers, he seems disinterested, and doesn’t seem to take his show as seriously as he should. I have heard many of the gaffs you talk about, and was always so embarrassed for Craig. Now I see it was almost as embarrassing for you.

    Well, now you no longer need to suffer any of Carey’s disinterest, etc. You’re free to move on to bigger and better things. You have an evening life back again with your wife.

    I REALLY hope you can get your own radio show, and that it can be made available in podcast form. I WOULD LOVE that. I also love this show you and Mike do too, but I think you should also have your own show like Mike.

    Also, how can we donate to you to help support you through this temporary change in income? It would be great if you or Mike could provide us a way to do so (hear that Mike, since we know Carey is loathe to do this for himself).

    Also, I have unsubscribed from Carey’s show and let him know I did so in the feedback form. I bet he’ll see a significant decline in his downloads, and more importantly, radio listenership too.

    Anyway, thanks for letting us know what happened, and all my best to you my friend!

  12. Alan says:

    Ooops, I meant unsubscribed from *** Craig’s *** Computer America show, of course… I doubt I’d EVER unsubscribe from Carey’s (or Mike’s), nor this one… thanks for all the good you both do!

  13. I don’t have to be professional but I am. I want to give my opinion on your character, Carey. You are direct and honest. I also think you made the Computer America Show interesting and exciting. It is dull and boring now. I listen to COA to the guest, & fast forward the nonsense chatter. I hated the way he emphasized titles. What you know is most important. I think your knowledge was threatening to Craig Crossman. He is knowledgeable too but his delivery is boring!!!!!!!!!

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