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  1. Jay in Houston said on

    Just finished listening to Show #46. Great content!
    Glad to have you back.

  2. I understand why Carrey supports his older clients in using XP, but the fact he can’t get 7 to run on his own machine is a joke. Why would he waste his money on the extreme version of a Core i7 if he can’t figure out how to make it scream. Beyond XP he has 0 tech cred.
    Then he rants about there being no advantage to 7, really look at the malware statistics, XP is unsafe especially for less sophisticated clients, they’d be better off on Linux then holding on to an ancient unsecured OS. I personally think he does his clients a disservice by keeping them on XP so he doesn’t have to learn a new modern OS. I remember him criticizing Vista because it wouldn’t support WEP in an enterprise, really WEP in a business. WEP is a joke and he knows it.

  3. “old school” Podcast like Podnutz used to be.

    Good stuff

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