TV-2010-01-04 #039 – January 4th, 2010

Windows 7 Tips, Drivers, MX Records, Computer Support Co-Ops

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  1. jak says:

    Hi guys ,your doin a great show there, I was listening to Door 2 door geek & he mentions kasperskys AVP tool , & he says its a memory hog.I noticed while running it that it was upto 190,000 kbytes in the memory on full screen but when i minimized it , it shrank down to a mere 29,000 kbytes; actually it would be good to remind folk that in you minimize most programs they will take up a lot less memory.
    Also not sure if you’ve mentioned it on some of your other shows but Strokeit the mouse gestures program is a real time saver.Thanks also for recommending Godaddy , been using them now purely on your say so & they are as good for customer service as you say,All the best with your future projects.

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