No Tech-Vets this week – October 13th, 2009

Due to Mike being in the hospital for diverticulitis, we are unable to bring you a new podcast this week.  When Mike is back on his feet we will be back producing more great shows for all of you.  Thank you for your understanding,

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5 Responses to “No Tech-Vets this week”

  1. Armar says:

    Get well soon Mike

  2. postdiction says:

    Get better Mike, get some good antibiotics.

    At least you get to watch Phillies 🙂



  3. Eric says:

    Get well Mike!

  4. ocOmar says:

    Get well soon Mike so you can see my Dodgers beat your Phillies..hee..hee..hee.
    And if not, then my Angels will take them out!!

    Either way, I hope you get well soon 🙂

  5. Dimitri says:

    Mike, I was checking Tech-Vetsh and MikeTechShow and nothing. First thing I thought my xml feeds were broken, I checked them, all was fine. Now I’m reading about this “diverticulitis” shit. I can’t even pronounce this word. Anyway, after you get home, don’t jump to work right away. Carey will take you to that desert for camping and backpacking trips for couple of weeks, so you have a goooood rest. After that we all will be waiting for your podcusts. Get well soon Mike!

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