TV-2009-09-29 #031 – September 30th, 2009

Carey and Mike catch up on email and talk a little Windows 7

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  1. ScottL says:

    In reply to your discussion about paying bills online, it’s fairly common knowledge that surgeons can transplant hearts and rewire brains but they can’t change a flat, and the Professor on Gilligan’s Island could make a radio out of a coconut but couldn’t fix a hole in a boat. Now we learn that Tech-Vets can build a PC from scratch but can’t pay their bills online. When you get a bill you generally have 30 days to pay it. Bank of Amigos, or is it America, lets you pick which day you want the e-payment or printed check to arrive. Maybe you’ve mastered the art of building the PC but have forgotten to push On.

  2. Thank you Mike and Carey for such an excellent podcast and I’d like to share with you guys that the new version of virtual box 3.0.8 is out and working really good! Here’s link:

  3. Sherif Tariq says:

    Regarding the listener who wanted to purchase a laptop for $700 to run both Windows and Leopard (OS X), you mentioned that the cheapest Mac laptop he could buy would be at least $1100. Your listener can get a MacBook for a lot less.

    Go to the Apple website at and check out their refurbished section. A refurb MacBook costs just $900. It ships with Snow Leopard and he can run Windows via Bootcamp. They’re covered by the same 1-yr warranty as the new stuff, and my experience has been that they tend to be more reliable than the new units.

    Don’t believe me? Check out this article from a heavy Mac user (and super designer) Cameron Moll:

    Good luck!

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