TV-2009-08-24 #026 – August 24th, 2009

Office 2007 Guides and How to land your first tech job.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Computer technical support over the phone to me is the equivelent of Automotive technical support over the phone. If you asked your local car mechanic to tell you over the phone how to fix your vehicle they’d laugh at you. In my experience my family members would tell me over the phone that the computer was working right and I could give them suggestions but it wasn’t until using remote assistance software like TeamViewer that I was able to immediately see the problem and resolve it; it cut the troubleshooting process time down exponentially.

    As far as call center jobs that’s all I’ve done since 1999 and it hasn’t done much for me other than given me a little spending cash. In my experience the more effort you put into helping the customer the more likely you were to get fired. On top of that many of the call centers I’ve worked at implemented retarded policies that were counter productive in helping the customer and more about covering their own asses. This would frusterate me, frusterate the customers, and create a lot of tension throughout the call center. Call centers should be clear cut; customer calls in with problem, rep goes through whatever steps possible to fix the problem, the problem gets fixed in a timely manner. Simple formula that NONE of the call centers I’ve worked at use. Working at a call center is like shoveling snow in a snow storm; you never feel like you’re making any progress. Furthermore it seems that the people who were horrible at tier one tech support were the ones that got promoted whereas those of us that were great at it were stuck doing it forever. Unfortunately I’m not assertive enough nor ambitious enough to start my own real business – I do some freelance computer jobs on the side but not enough to make a living.

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