TV-2009-07-28 #022 – July 28th, 2009

Carey’s troubles from last week, Mike’s old PC problem

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  1. Jonathan says:

    My ’96 Blazer won’t start anymore and I haven’t gotten around to getting it worked on. I imagine it’s the ignition switch, but it could be something more complicated than that. Unfortunately I’m more educated in computers than I am in vehicles.

  2. U-AL says:

    Having an interest in repairing and reading about cars I can appreciate Carey’s automobile adventures.
    Thank you Carey for sharing.

    Al ( Pittsburgh Pa.)

  3. I went to school to become an ASE certified mechanic and computers were my hobby. Obviously, things flip-flopped on me and now computers are my career and cars are my hobby. With that said, when a car won’t start its because it’s either not got fuel or it doesn’t have a spark (or the spark is timed wrong). So I would check to be sure fuel is pumping into the culinder and verify the spark plugs are firing. If it has fuel and spark, it may be the ECU. If it has no fuel, could be fuel pump, or fuel filter or clogged line. No spark could be a dozen other things…

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