TV-2009-07-14 #021 – July 14th, 2009

Old hard drives, Preparing for the job interview, Negotiating your salary, and NAS

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  1. kip says:

    Re: Vista drivers for Windows 7
    Vista stores its drivers in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository.
    You can copy this directory to a dvd, install Windows 7 and then point to the dvd if you need to install missing drivers.

    Interestingly, I recently installed Windows 7 RC1 on a Fujitsu P1610 running Win XP tablet pc edition; windows update found four missing system and hardware (Windows 7 compatible) drivers. I was very impressed.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I have an IOGEAR boss which has a built in hard drive. I use this as a network file share so that even if my desktop computer is off my most commonly used files are on it. I’ve run into a problem with both VISTA and WIn 7 (not a big problem since I’m sticking with XP) where when I type \\boss to access the network share the same why I would to access another computer on the network vista or win 7 loads the logon screen asking for the UN and PWD but when I enter the correct UN and PWD it fails saying I’ve entered the wrong information. I can access other computers but not my iogear boss. BTW my iogear boss is connected directly with a cat5 cable. I’ve also run a firmware update on my iogear but it didn’t fix the problem.

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