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3 Responses to “TV-2009-06-23 #018”

  1. Arturo Cureno said on

    Hey Guys,
    Thank you for all your great advice, just so you know I’ve been using youmail for maybe 4 months already and my service is with AT&T therefore youmail is free, I tried putting the same service in my wife’s cell which has sprint and to my surprise she would have to pay around 20 cents per phone call so I decided not to use it in her cellphone but other than that the service works great!

  2. Jonathan said on

    I have COX as my ISP and the only issue I have with them is that I signed up with the service for $9.95 for the first three months and then $14.95 a month afterward but shortly after the major crash of Wallstreet COX sent me a letter saying that they were going to increase my rate to $19.95 per month. My two options were to accept the new terms and rate or cancel my service. The only other option I have is dialup and I’m talking online college courses so dialup is not a valid option. In the end the immoral fact that COX chose to pass their profit losses caused by the declining economic state to their customers just irritates me. Sometimes I wish it was viable to send these companies “I owe you’s”

  3. There should be this warning label on all Computers with Microsoft Windows.

    Microsoft commands that you never modify, upgrade or change in any way this computer, that you bought and payed for and now own, without the permission of The Microsoft Corporation, or this operating system will self destruct in thirty days.
    Resistance is futile.
    Pittsburgh Pa.

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