TV-2009-05-19 #013 – May 21st, 2009

OpenDNS client story and more of your email

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  1. U-AL says:

    In regards to your Internet Explorer 8 problem have you tried starting in the No Add-ons Mode. Perhaps an add-on or one of the filters (Smart Screen or InPrivate) is causing the problem.
    Thank You,

  2. Joe Messman says:

    Carey I update about 5 to 7 computers a week. This is either tuneups or re installations. On about 33 per cent of these IE 8 is super slow. I notice on some machines even Firefox is slow after I install IE8. I don’t know why and don’t have time to figure it out as it will not make me any money to figure out why. I uninstall it and go back to IE 7 and all is well. Sorry I don’t have the answer, but it is a universal problem.

  3. Arturo Cureno says:

    To all my fellow techs and listeners,
    Let’s help Carey and Mike keep this site alive by supporting the great work they ‘ ve done with a membership or a donation, the knowledge we get by listening to them is priceless so please join us and let’s all help each other by helping them PLEASE.
    Thank you
    Arturo Cureno in Palm Springs, CA

  4. Okay, I am starting from the beginning on the tech vet site. I have multiple questions and I am starting from the beginning as far as listening to the first podcast and work myself up and read comments etc. Now I may find it but haven’t yet, how I can follow you guys on Twitter.

  5. Oh cool my blavatar is showing. Oh how cool man. I also want to learn how to improve my personal blogs on WordPress. I am also considering transferring my website. I have used Yahoo as a host for 13 years and they have not made many upgrades are improvements. Would like to have organize miniature icon links to my social feeds etc. A way to aggregate all my content to one main page that could be directed to all the other things that I do online. For examle, I have Google, Yahoo, WordPress, Flickr etc etc etc. Need to learn how to pull it together. Main interest that I like to do is to share my passions via photography. Help me out Carey and Mike. Mike I hear you talk about WordPress. Very helpful. Carey for a starter on video podcasting. The Garmin presentation looks very professional. So much so that I woke up that morning thinking about the video. Who cared about the Garmin Nuvi 360. I have a Garmin so yes it was cool to watch. Highly useful information!!!

  6. Also do to scripting, I wouldn’t be able to use Use the online WordPress

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