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6 Responses to “TV-2009-05-12 #012”

  1. anonymous said on

    I used VistaPrint several years ago and never had any problems then. It is possible that they’ve changed their method since then.

  2. anonymous said on

    Those shortcut keys on some keyboards are silly especially since Windows lets you use key combinations to run programs. If you’re really savvy you can even setup macros. i personally use CTRL+ATL+E for launching internet explorer, CTRL+ALT+W for launching Microsoft Word, and many other combinations.

  3. Clande Stine said on

    Is anyone having issues with Internet Explorer? I started using IE 8 and noticed that every once in a while it seems to have trouble connecting. I’ve cleared my cache several times but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. I don’t think it’s a network issue because Firefox and Chrome do not exhibit the same behaviorisms. I like to alternate between multiple browser types because some site look or work better in one browser type versus the other, but when IE won’t load a site it gets really annoying. Sometimes it feels like I’m back on dial-up waiting for a page to load. I also down graded back to IE 7 and even tried IE 6 and noticed both exhibit the same behavior so it doesn’t seem to be limited to just IE 8. What is going on here? Is Microsoft’s idea of security a browser that doesn’t work? Thanks for the show. Keep up the great work!

  4. WallClock said on

    How can one condone the use of a automatic check box that will deduct $9.99 per month until you check your credit card statement. Comparing it to Newegg is laughable, at least I can see the total before I pay and then fix the problem.

    I was surprised you didn’t scold these tactics but just took them as part of doing business !

  5. Joe Messman said on

    I have had issues with IE 8 on about one third of the computers I install it on. Slooooow and also Firefox drags also. I uninstall IE 8 and everthing is fine. Go figure. Too much bloat in my opinion and why Firefox is affected I don’t know.

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