TV-2009-05-04 #011 – May 5th, 2009

Lost dog, GPS receivers, and your Email

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  1. Mitch53 says:

    Good show Carey and Mike.

    I do think you guy’s should be compensated. I think you could do both. Get sponsor’s and also have the option for a subscription.

  2. Bryce W says:

    I have had a lot of experience monetizing traffic and I recommend you go the sponsor route.
    Right now, growth of the podcast is really important. If you dont have enough listeners, sponsors wont be interested and you wont have enough members to go the subscription route.

    If you go the sponsor route, it keeps the place open to new listeners who can listen to your content and become fans. This way, you get money AND growth.

    Of course, you could always go to the subscription model as well once you have a lot of loyal listeners. Keep the main podcast open that is ad supported and have the subscription area which is full of your best content with no ads.

  3. John Armstrong says:

    Carey and Mike

    I would like to see the show have sponsors, if the sponsors would be someone whose product you would truly use and recommend yourselves. I would be more willing to visit the sponsor’s websites if I knew they had the Carey and Mike seal of approval and were not there just to pay the bills.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Cincinnati, Ohio

  4. u-al says:

    By all means there should be compensation for your efforts on Tech-Vets.
    I trust you both to make the podcast ad supported and not to the extent that twenty five minutes of your hour show would be commercials like some radio shows. I know you have higher standards than that. Of course you can fast forward a podcast recording to skip the commercials, not that I would ever do that. lol


    Al Tierno

  5. Michael Abair says:

    Sponsorship !
    Even though tech vets is a new show the two of you have enough clough with your other shows to pull in the numbers. I like the method that the the members of tech podcast uses. A single ad right in the beginning and then on with the show.

    They have goto meeting and godady as sponsors which applys to the shows and I now use godaddy. The ads work ! I cant use goto meeting only because I really cant afford it but would if I could.

    You guys are great!
    thanks for putting it out there.

  6. Matt Rainey says:

    Paid podcasts will turn away a lot of people that are interested in listening to the show. I am completely OK with an ad supported show, which is common among other shows. I am aware that there is a definite cost of producing the show, both in time and money. Having ads support the show allows the show to make money while allowing the listeners to continue on without having to pay. I have never stopped listening to a show because of ads in the show. I am not subscribed to any paid podcasts.

  7. CitizenX says:

    Hello Mike and Carey
    Yes, you should be monetarily compensated for the quality of the content you are offering in this podcast. Looks like accepting sponsors is the majority consensus and I tend to agree for the reasons Bryce gave.

    However I am curious about how you are considering the paid subscription. Were you considering an early release for paid members or an EXCLUSIVE release for paid members?

    Maybe once in a while you both can deep dive into a subject and offer detailed instruction and charge for these special podcasts via paypal donation button. Something to consider anyway.

    I think you should put up a donation button ANYWAY. Allow voluntary monthly subscriptions and one time donations like everyone else does.
    I tend to put money in the bucket for the good shows.

    THANK YOU Carey for mentioning pets911. I had NO IDEA this was available for lost pets. Maybe your yellow lab owners did not know about it either. We lost Buster for a few days and I only knew to contact our local animal shelter where we got him and post an ad (w/picture) on their site.

    I ended up calling a local morning AM radio show on a whim and we received him w/i hours. Wish I had known about pets911 or that our animal shelter did. I will pass the word.

  8. RPG says:

    I would agree with getting a sponsor. You could also add a “donation” button to your site like many lowly software developers do. Great show!

  9. Steve says:

    I vote for sponsorship. Even though this is great information and love the podcast, I would NOT pay for a subscription and would stop recommending the show to others. Sorry.

    I agree with others that growth is important and people don’t view sponsorships as a sell out. In fact, a named sponsor gives credence to your show when corporate money is willing to associate their name with yours. (i.e. your not just a kid in the basement)

    Thanks for the show!

  10. Andrew D says:

    I understand that producing your show costs you both time and money and therefore you should at the very least cover your costs and hopefully get enough left over for yourselves.

    Most of the other podcasts I listen to have ads mixed in with the content (audible in TWIT for example). I would much rather see you adopt sponsors than go the subscription route …. providing they pay you enough for what you do.

    Thanks for the great show, hope you continue cranking them out.

  11. Allen N says:

    I have got to thank you lots for the Garmin plug. I have mine setup, loaded with new maps, loaded with POI and looking forward to hearing more tips for usage from Carey. I think that would be a good piece to have in the show. “Great offers on stuff”. There are lots of sites that do sales offers, but keeping it tech and current would make for interesting info.

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