TV-2009-04-07 #007 – April 7th, 2009

Setup a new PC, Backup and Managing your customers

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  1. CitizenX says:

    I had a long telephone conversation with Carey when I had a client that refused to allow me to install a remote program to fix small issues. They lived on one of the islands that was 9 miles away and I was spending more time traveling than fixing the issues.

    Carey gave me an inspirational speech that gave me the courage to charge double for showing up on site. The client quickly allowed the remote access and I gained respect because the client had no idea the capability of remote access. Send a bill and I now rarely leave my house for this client.

    I simply had to explain the value of my time.

    Still listening to the show and will listen a few more times I am sure.
    Loved everything about this conversation. You both have great points and compliment each other even while arguing.

    A geek girl could never ask for more.
    I say carry on.

  2. Mitch Haman says:

    I just got done listening to Episode #7. Wow! I was not sure if Carey was mad with Mike or what. Carey likes to do things one way and Mike another and I see nothing wrong with either of their views as long as the job gets done. Surely, no one wants to get taking advantaged of by a customer. I my self like having a separate partition just for convenience. On my home pc’s, I like having my data on that separate one just in case I do have to do a clean install of the Os.
    I do know that if I show my customers how to do things, they won’t do them anyway. If they did what I told them to do, I would be out of the pc repair business.

    Keep up the good work Mike and Carey… ( Chill Carey, I agree with you. )

  3. Jesus says:

    Very simple, Carey does not want to deal with people..he deals with problems, specific problems. I think if you do “on site” you have to deal with people, otherwise open a store front.

    I regards of backing up data, I am with Mike.

  4. David says:

    I thought I was listening to myself on this podcast. I am totally with Mike on his philosophy of taking care of the customer. I am well paid and busy. When you realize how important it is to take care of the customers that you have on a recurring fee (I run a managed services business) you learn to either convert them to the recurring charge model or flush them.

    C:\ for everything!

    Great podcast. Best yet. I’ll be listening.

  5. u-al says:

    I liked this podcast.
    I appreciate you two experts knowledge and honesty.
    In the field of computer repair Carey is certainly one of the best. And that is why he is so confident and forthright.
    However I agree with Mike’s approach of asking a customer if there are important files on the computer and if so backing them up before any serious work is done just in case of an unforeseen problem.

  6. Arturo Cureno says:

    I totally loved this podcast, even though I do what Mike says I feel the same way Carey does, it is important to know when enough is enough from a client because the more you give and try to be nice most people take advantage of that so from now on no more mr. nice guy and of course always be professional and respectful with your clients that pay and try to avoid those that just call to get freebies over the phone. Please keep up with the fabulous work, it gives me strenght to keep going.

  7. Kip says:

    Good Cop Bad Cop – neat idea! Carey is definitely Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle….

  8. Dave says:

    This was the best show yet. The opposing view points were good but the semi-arguing went on a bit longer that I would have like. I do have concern when Carey said that he makes a image backup of the customers machine to restore if they screw it up again. From the conversation it was not clear if that image contains any customer data or not. If it does, I have a real privacy concern. Do his customers know that he has a copy of their data? Is it safe to have a portable drive that contains any number of customer images? If that drive gets stolen or lost you may expose private data of your customers. I like that both of you have a lot of expertise to share with everyone and I have learned a lot from listening.

  9. Jack Kim says:

    Thank you Carey and Mike..

    Another very good podcast.

    Carey the reason I like to listen to you is for the fact You say it as it is.
    No BS raw and right to the point. I feel that is very refreshing.

    You are speaking the Truth.Some people may not understand the context you may be talking about. That is there loss.

    It is hard to let go when you feel you have been burned trying to be the good guy and make some money for the time spent on advising on what to buy and build. I hope by you talking about it make you feel better.

    By you sharing that you may have helped a tech not to get sucked in or setup a ground rule before he starts with a new client.

    Mike , I like your podcast with tech and music plus insightful tech tips.
    I listen to Computer America , Mike Tech Show and Tech Vets. plus others.

    I want to Thank you for taking the Time to do the podcast and sharing you views on tech. and Life from your view point.

  10. mark says:

    I have to admit for the first half of the podcast I thought Carey was being kind of a jerk. Once he explained himself I realized where he’s coming from and I think he might have a little bit of April 15thitis,(I know I do).
    Carey is really a good guy and I remember a story on an early Mike Tech Show from Citizen X about how he spent half the night helping her, but he actually taught us (even old dogs like me) a valuable lesson. Some people don’t respect your most precious thing, your time! If a client wants a backup program system installed it will cost them the price of a program and your time to implement it.

  11. Stuart says:

    I thought the program was a waste of time because they didn’t cover the material.

    Carey may be good?? However, he should never leave the store front or as one might say the fixed price world.

    Mike has several different good shows. I have enjoyed both Mike and Steve for sometime. Their technical approaches are different mainly because one works hourly and the other works to fix a single problem. Since my consulting company has been around for several years and I have worked in the hourly environment, we do have to treat our clients differently. If we used Carey’s approach, we would probably find the door quickly. Carey’s complaint about taxes probably means he’s making to much money and doesn’t know how to be thanks full.

    Mike keep up the good work, Carey loose the attitude and for CitizenX the charge is called a portal charge.

    Good luck.

  12. Robert says:

    Love the show.

    One of the things I like the most is that these two guys have different personalities, ways to see things and the way they perform in the podcast.

    Carey does not stops to say things the way he see it. It might look like confrontational but I have learned by listening 3 podcast that it helps me A LOT. It is much better than having the host agreeing on everything and being too careful to show differences of opinion.

    I like listening to two host on a show. It is much more dynamic

    Thanks for your time. GREAT show. Keep up the good job


  13. Teknyka says:

    Great show! I agree with Mike about formatting a hard drive when re-installing Windows because it clears up all the unused files and folders (and dormant viruses that may unintentionally get launched) in both Program Files and Documents and Settings – useful when there is a limited amount of space on the hard drive too..
    I’m also cautious like Mike when it comes to backing up customers data because after the backup I can proceed with any kind of troubleshooting (stress test, hardware swap, formatting, etc.) without worrying about losing the customers data. However, I do see where Carey is coming from when it comes to saving a bunch of time and I will implement the techniques he mentioned whenever possible.
    Carbonite is good, but I recommend Dropbox if you have more than one computer.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Carey, I think you need to become a plastic surgeon to get the Ferrari and really big house. 😉

  15. Ben says:

    Wow, great show guys! Thanks for being so open and honest throughout the show. I run my own computer repair business in Canada and really understand where you guys are coming from. There are a lot of people who expect to get free / cheap help (especially now) and I know if can be difficult to weed them out, but sometimes you just gotta do it.

    As far as the original topic, I usually follow Carey’s method of checking the drive’s SMART data first. I there’s *anything* out of the ordinary there, and the drive comes back to my office where I can safely attempt to recover the data. The exception being if it’s a home user that doesn’t care about their data. If it’s an office or home office and I even suspect the hard drive as an issue, it either goes back to the office or I’ll do a quick on-site backup.

  16. Eric at Simplify says:

    I am nearly 5 years behind but boy do I wish I had listened to these from the beginning. I’ve seen things from both Mike’s and Carey’s position in this podcast and agree with both sides. Carey migh sound like he is being mean but not at all. Computer repair is one of those fields that everyone feels they are entitled to call you up for free advice or milk you for free work when on site. NOBODY calls up a lawyer or even a mechanic to get free work but there aren’t a million “pizza-techs” in those fields offering those services for literally the value of a fast food meal in some cases. The barriar of entry seems low, anyone who can change a hard drive all of a sudden becomes known as the “Computer expert” in the family and all of a sudden they believe it themselves, start doing free work or low quality paid Nuke and Pave service. Ask any group of kids who has experience fixing computers and easily 1/3rd think themselves great at it so the perception ends up reducing the percieved value from real IT professionals.

    Part of the business is adjusting those expectations and refusing the clients that won’t.

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