TV-2009-03-31 #006 – April 1st, 2009

Remote Desktop Solutions

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  1. Larry Griffin says:

    Great podcast guys. You are a great team and the content is priceless. Logmein has the ability to set up sub accounts that give access to your clients without giving away your password.. I have done that for two poeple and it works great. They sign in with their own email addresses and passwords. One signs into their work computer and the other to about 13 computers out of the 50 or so I worki with. This is all using the free version. Try it you will like it.

  2. Jesus says:

    Great show THE DREAM TEAM!! but please Carey let Mike speak….


  3. Bates says:

    I do agree with the philosophy of paying for software that is being used for business. For the most part the software we use is very low cost. By paying the developer for his time and effort, the incentive will be there to develop more products.

    A mechanic has problem with paying for the tools that he uses. The better tools are higher priced.

    We debate certifications, training, etc. We call ourselves professionals. We should follow that adage.

  4. Sonny says:

    Great Podcast!
    One remote control option that wasn’t mentioned was Mikogo, ( ) a screen sharing tool that I have used on multiple occasions to fix computers of family members living in other parts of the country. It is extremely simple to use and requires little or no technical expertise. One caveat: when setting up the initial connection, it is your screen that is shared and the other party will need to become the presenter and then relinquish control of their desktop to you. In every instance that I have used this software, it has been a hassle-free experience. There is a Windows and a Mac version available. And, best of all, it’s free. The website has video tutorials and a downloadable users’ guide.

  5. Allen N says:

    I used Team Viewer for the first time tonight. A client called with a printer connection problem. It worked like a champ and my client was impressed. Thanks for going over all the options.

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