TV-2009-03-03 #002 – March 5th, 2009

PC Performance Tips

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  1. Bates says:

    Good job you guys. I use Glary on Vista machines. Works great. I like the idea of the check list. I’ll be looking for that

  2. Phillip says:

    Great tips, especially that Glary Utilities. Well done

  3. chris says:

    I’m a big fan of Glary Utilities too – the download (other builds) page also offers a portable version. But I don’t rely on Glary Utilities for cleaning my registry. I prefer Comodo Registry Cleaner.

  4. Mitch says:

    What a great show guys.
    Thanks so much for the info.

  5. Ronn Homer says:

    Great Show! I just tried some of the utilities and they are great!! Thanks again Mike and Carey.

  6. CitizenX says:

    Setting up restore:

    I have always left a restore point before leaving a client’s house, but never once did it occur to me to make the restore point the Last Known Good as Carey describes in this podcast.

    A small tid-bit of advice like this goes a long way.

    Loved the hard drive blog update. I think the reason most people do not switch out hard drives before they die might be directly correlated with the percentage of tech rants on backing up. We figure, we spend all this energy on backing up, it must be only to run the drive into the ground.

    But I agree.
    Image and replace.
    It makes sense but you are the first I have heard to mention it.
    This show is going to be great!

  7. Ozz- Lou says:

    G’day Carey & Mike..
    What a great show and only number 2,, Looking forward to the next show,
    Cheers. Lou.

  8. procedar says:

    Great Show!

  9. jj2000 says:

    great job guys,only show #2 and with this quality the future looks bright.

    keep it up

  10. Ryan says:

    Great Show. Didn’t know about PC Fixer. Cool Utility. Keep up the fantastic work.

  11. Tom S. says:

    Very informative set of shows with two of the best tech guys on the internet. What I love about these shows is that is all no-nonsense technical information. No rambling like other podcast, just straight to the point knowledge. I listen to a lot of tech shows and have heard about a lot of utilities and techniques but I must admit I learned a lot of new methods and programs in these two shows that were totally new. REALLY looking forward to an updated checklist for updating and repairing computers. Finally, I must comment that it is good to hear two options on solving problems and don’t be afraid to disagree on which is best and remember to indicate why you think your solutions it the better one. Hope to hear these podcast often, so keep up the good work.

  12. Dan Miller says:

    Love the shows. You mentioned you would post a checklist of things you do when working on a system I don’t see it here….BTW BIG fan of PC fixer


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  14. Dennis M. says:

    Very great Show you guys!
    I checked your Potcast after the recommendation according to Carey’s Youtube channel (which is amazing by the way).
    I’m looking forward to hear through the next episodes and grab some useful tips.
    Thanks and best regards from Germany!

  15. null says:

    First off, I’d like to say that this is a great podcast! I just started listening to this podcast, so I’m starting at the very beginning.

    I’m not sure if this was addressed in later podcasts yet, but since I didn’t see comments about it here, I’d like to caution about Glary Utilities and some issues I had with it.

    1. Glary Utilities can cause problems with Windows Updates.

    If the computer is downloading Windows Updates, Glary Utilities will actually delete those downloads, which will cause the Windows Update install to fail, because it will think the files were already downloaded even after they were deleted.

    2. Glary Utilies’s ability to delete zero byte files can cause issues with some programs like XAMPP (MySQL).

    XAMPP is very useful for WordPress Theme developers, and deleting all zero byte files will cause MySQL to not be able to startup until you replace those deleted files.

    3. Do not depend on Glary Utility’s file backup / recover ability.

    When I was having issues with the zero byte files, Glary Utility’s backup did not actually contain a full backup of everything it deleted. The backup was extremely limited. To give an idea, Glary deleted thousands of files, but only backed up a couple hundred or so. I had to manually restore the files through other file recovery tools and re-installing programs.

    These Windows Update and zero byte files issues with Glary are fixable, but I’m just cautioning on the use of Glary Utilities. I see it more as a power tool (compared to CCleaner), where you should really use the tool with care, as it can break things.

    CCleaner, on the other hand, is a lot safer and I’ve never had issues with it breaking anything yet.

    Another update I’d like to make to this comment thread is that PC Fixer is a discontinued product. The company that made PC Fixer does not exist anymore. Even if you acquire the PC Fixer installer from a download website, the installer requires a connection to the PC Fixer website (which doesn’t exist). So the program is not installable. Also, PC Fixer only supports Windows XP (not Windows 7).

    I actually know quite a few people and small businesses that still run Windows XP, so it’s a shame that PC Fixer doesn’t work anymore.

    In contrast, Auslogics Disk Defrag, CrystalDiskInfo, and Glary Utilities are still good tools, even after all these years.

    Sorry if this information is covered in later podcasts. I know this episode was aired a long time ago, but I’m posting this info so that people like me, who are listening from the beginnig, will be better informed with “updates” on each episode.

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